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The Toronto Association of Basketball Officials (TABO) is responsible for educating, training and certifying individuals interested in officiating within the City of Toronto.

For EXISTING OFFICIALS ONLY - seeking membership with TABO, from another board, province, or country, please scroll down to the bottom of this page for specific information and instructions. 

For NEW OFFICIALS ONLY - please continue below.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a basketball official, serving the City of Toronto, please read the "New Official's Requirements" section below, and if you meet the minimum requirements, then complete and submit the membership registration application, .

Note that annually TABO conducts a camp for individuals interested in becoming an official. This camp is designed to provide them with the knowledge of the rules and mechanics skills in being a basketball official. This camp is typically held in the latter summer months, just prior to the start of the basketball season, in September. Once the dates have been set for the next camp sessions individuals who are selected to attend will be notified of the location(s) and time(s).

Please note: There is no guarantee you'll become a TABO member, a result of participating in TABO's new officials' camp. 

New Official's Requirements


  • Fee to attend Education Session Camp is $200.00

  • Complete the Online Members Application Form

  • New officials' education sessions (camp) typically occur in the late summer months 

  • Annually, typically 30+ candidates participate in the camp.

  • Successful candidates undergo compulsory training that requires both weekend and evening commitments

  • Participation in the education session portion alone does not guarantee acceptance as a member

  • Attendance at all education sessions coupled with on and off court performance are the primary determining factors in successfully becoming a TABO member

Minimum Requirements:

  • Candidates for membership must be a minimum age of 18 years

  • Available three (3) days per week (primarily from September thru to May)  

  • Available to officiate Weekday games that begin at 3pm (arrival time no later than 2:45pm)

  • Available to officiate Weekend games (throughout the entire day & evening) 

  • Be in good physical condition

  • Commitment to accept and carry out assignments as determined by the Assignor(s)

  • Effective communication skills

  • Commitment to attend all training sessions

  • Prepared to invest in proper referee uniform and associated equipment

  • Energetic, diplomatic, organized, and self-motivated

  • Calm disposition: ability to effectively deal with coaches, players, and spectators under pressure 

  • Provide own transportation

  • Provide a Vulnerable Sector Background Check & one (1) reference letter upon membership acceptance​


  • A comprehensive schedule combining rules study sessions and practical ‘on the floor’ mechanics training

  • The education session camps are based on the current FIBA rules  

  • Throughout October and November there are selected subject study nights for successful applicants

  • A written FIBA exam must be taken in late November / early December and members must achieve the minimum mark to remain active 

  • New members will be evaluated during TABO sponsored tournaments and periodically during elementary and/or high school games

  • Progress in learning (or maintaining) the basic officiating skills or in dealing with elements of the game (physical or emotional conditions) could lead to candidates being released from TABO membership

  • Once accepted, the probationary period for a new official is three years and they may be released at any time during that timeframe based on on and off-court performance.  

For New Officials Only - If you meet the minimum requirements, as stated above, then please register using the following link. 

Link to New Officials Registration form

Existing Official's Requirements




Existing basketball officials from another Ontario board, Canadian Province, or Country, seeking membership with TABO, either as their home board or as a dual member, are expected to meet the requirements, listed below. If you meet the requirements, then please select the link below to complete and submit your application for consideration. If selected, you will then be requested to submit the required information, per the Expected Requirements. 


  • You commit to make yourself available to officiate TABO assigned games at least one weekend day (Sat. or Sun. between 8AM-6PM) and/or one weekday (Mon. to Fri. between 8AM-5PM) during peak season, beginning October 1st through to the end of April.

  • You are a member in good standing with your immediate past or current officiating association - a letter of reference (recommendation) from your immediate past or current Executive will be required. This letter should include # of games and level of games you officiated.

  • You have been actively officiating for at least the past two (2) years and have achieved (been CBOC certified), minimally, as a NOCP Level 1 official or, if from out-of-country, its equivalency. Proof will be required.

  • You have written and passed the current CBOC FIBA examination or, if from out-of-country, its equivalency. Proof of date examination and passing mark will be required.

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