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The Toronto Association of Basketball Officials (TABO), previously the Metropolitan Toronto Board of Approved Basketball Officials (MTBABO), changed its name in the late 1990's after the City of Toronto amalgamated its' municipalities (Etobicoke, East York, North York, Scarborough, York) with itself.

TABO (MTBABO) was formed in 1957 by founding members such as Stan Crowley, Ron Pleasance, Keith Davidson and George Abrams, At that time, TABO's primary client was the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Today TABO serves more than one hundred seventy clients such as the TDSB, TDCAA, CISAA, SSAF, OBA, OSBA, CYBL, OCAA, OUA, recreational & competitive adult leagues and club organizations and teams. 

With the NBA's entry into Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) in the mid-1990's, the game of basketball, which used to be played seasonally (Mid-September to Early April), began an incredible growth path and today is played year-round by all genders, ages, and skill levels. 

TABO is one, if not, the largest basketball officiating organization in Canada, with an annual membership of 200+ individuals, who have a deep passion and commitment to the game of basketball. Over its' storied history, several TABO members have achieved the highest level of officiating at the National, International (FIBA) and Professional levels.

Annually, TABO certifies its' members by:

- Conducting in-depth education sessions on rules & interpretations, mechanics, and game control & management.

- Requiring its members to write and pass a nationally administered examination.

- Observing / evaluating members on-the-court performance(s).   

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