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The Toronto Association of Basketball Officials (TABO) Welcomes You!

TABO is the provincially and nationally sanctioned officiating organization for basketball serving the City of Toronto

TABO is a registered member of: 

Ontario Association of Basketball Officials (OABO),

Ontario Basketball Association (OBA),

 Canadian Basketball Officials Commission (CBOC)

As basketball officials we take pride in officiating all levels -

from elementary schools to adult leagues and everything in between

We officiate using FIBA's rule set and govern ourselves by TABO's Constitution and By-Laws



TABO looking for new recruits to train, educate and certify

Basketball is a free-flowing art of athleticism, grace, precision and competitive spirit.  As each game unfolds within the boundaries of rules and sportsmanship, one realizes that it requires not only players and coaches, but trained and certified officials.  

TABO supports community events by providing officials

Toronto Basketball Officials engage in many community events throughout the year. We host and officiate boys and girls basketball tournaments and various basketball leagues in the greater Toronto area.  

If you're interested in joining TABO, here is the information

TABO is always looking to recruit new officials in the Toronto area.  If you are interested in becoming a basketball official, or if you would like more information about what’s involved, please register and attend a training sessions for new recruits.



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